Are you unobtrusive while filming?

We try to be as discreet as people can be while following you around  with cameras.  The vast majority of our clients mention our subtlety while filming.  The biggest compliment was can receive is: “Oh! I forgot you guys were here!”

However, there is a fine line between being unobtrusive and being unhelpful.  We strive to provide enough guidance to make you feel confident while respecting your privacy and the sanctity of your ceremony.  We try to be really sensitive to our couples and to their loved ones and to make sure that everyone is remaining emotionally present and really enjoying the wedding. We want you to feel comfortable and able to be yourself.  Ideally, you’ll feel as though you’ve spent your day in the company of professionals — and friends.


Do you use lights?

Our team is working with the latest cameras with high quality ISO features that make it highly likely that we won’t need to introduce external light at all.

Whenever the conditions allow, we prefer not to introduce external light sources. When low light demands that we do, our lights are small, camera mounted and of adjustable brightness. Per request we can absolutely shoot your entire wedding without the use of any external lights.


Who will our cinematographer(s) be?

We are a small studio. Our teammates work closely together to create stunning wedding films.

In booking with Kiss the Bride Films, you’re contracting with the studio, rather than with a particular cinematography team. Your team is usually assigned once we’ve received your shoot + edit instructions, and is influenced by availability and by your preferences.  We’ll ask that take a look at the films at and list a few to which you’ve really responded. This will tell us about your aesthetic and the style of film you’re looking for.


Which package should we choose?

In determining which package is the best fit for you, we usually suggest using the timeline of your day, and the hours of coverage you’ll need, as the primary parameter.  We suggest having your cinematographers arrive during the last hour of getting ready and stay until the just after the cake cutting.  We find that this approach yields the most comprehensive footage, and that which best contributes to the overall narrative of the film.


Do we get to choose the music for the films?

Prior to filming and editing, we’ll reach out with a questionnaire which helps us prepare for the day of and for post-production.  With this worksheet, we solicit editorial input including music suggestions for the full length and highlight films.  You’ll also be able to provide day-of specs (arrival and departure times based on your contracted hours, contact numbers) and an itinerary of the day’s events.


What equipment do you use?

Our professional cameras and equipment are at the cutting edge of what’s available. We invest extensively in making sure that we are shooting your wedding on the most up to date equipment. Creating films of the highest quality is paramount to our studio.


How do you work on the day-of?

One of your cinematographers will be with you while you’re getting ready, getting candid footage of you and your friends, details of your dress, jewelry and shoes, the invitation, the rings, etc, and the other will be with your fiance(e).  We’ll meet up (either at the first look or at the ceremony) and then you’ll have two camera angles (or three, depending upon the package you choose) for all the events throughout the rest of the day.  We’ll be present for all the staples of reception — entrances, introductions, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting — and get enough dancing to show how much fun the party was.


How do you record sound?

We capture sound for the ceremony via two sources; 1.  plugging into the sound board or PA and 2.  outfitting either the groom or the officiant with a small, wireless lavalier microphone.  The microphone is very discrete and unobtrusive — we promise.  The body is smaller than your palm, and just tucks into the inside jacket pocket, and the microphone itself is about the size of the top of your pinky, and just wraps around and clips under the boutonniere.


Do you work well with photographers?

Most of our clients come directly from referals from photographers that we have met and who we have created fantastic working relationships with. There seems to be a common assumption that tensions exist between photographers and cinematographers.  In our case, this is absolutely untrue!  Most of our cinematographers have backgrounds in photography, and some of our best friends are photographers.  It’s in the best interest of our images and your photographers’ that our teams partner cooperatively and with a sense of collaboration. There’s so much that we can contribute to each others’ work — photographers are setting up shots which look great for film, and we’re setting up scenes which look great for photo.  And, ultimately, we have the same goal: to document your day beautifully and unobtrusively (and without making you feel stalked!) and to ensure that you are having a wonderful time on your wedding  day!  One of the best ways for us to contribute to that is to create an atmosphere of positivity around you.

For the majority of the day, we’ll defer largely to your photographer, allowing them to steer the ship.  When appropriate, we will provide some direction.  And, if possible, we’d love to get just a few minutes alone with you.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.  Our provider cannot issue COI’s more than four months in advance of the date.  Please allow one business week for certificates to be provided.


I have some other questions…!

Sure thing.  Just email Alwyn!